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Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Elephant in circus

Elephant in circus

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Clown and balloons

Clown and balloons

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Clown Face

Clown Face

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Circus tent with lighting

Circus tent with lighting

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Circus Tent

Circus Tent

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Carnival girl, art zentagle

Carnival girl, art zentagle

Circus & Carnival Coloring Pages, Circus tent

Circus tent

Clown Coloring Pages, Evil Clown
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Evil Clown

Clown Coloring Pages, Clown in Hat
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Clown in Hat

Welcome to the colorful world of circus coloring pages! Imagine you're stepping into a big, bustling circus tent filled with dazzling lights and incredible acts. Just like a real circus, these pages are all about fun and excitement. Each page is a new show, where you get to pick the colors and bring the circus to life in your own unique way. So, grab your favorite crayons or markers, and let's dive into the magical world of circus coloring!

How to Color Right? What Color to Use?

When it comes to coloring your circus pages, there are no strict rules—you're the artist after all! But if you're wondering which colors to choose, think about the vibrant colors you usually see at the circus. Clowns love bright reds and yellows, the big top tent might be striped with red and white, and don't forget the glittering golds and shiny silvers for the circus performers' costumes. Mix and match colors to see what looks best to you. Sometimes, the boldest choices are the most exciting!

Interesting Facts about the Circus

Did you know that the circus has been around for hundreds of years? It's true! The modern circus was created in England over 200 years ago. Back then, it featured horse riding tricks and later grew to include acrobats, jugglers, and clowns. One cool fact is that the circus ring is always 42 feet in diameter. This size was chosen because it’s the perfect space for horses to gallop at full speed inside the tent. How amazing is that?

What to Do with Circus Coloring Pages?

After you've colored your circus pages, there are so many fun things you can do with them. You could hang them up on your wall or refrigerator to turn your room into your own circus gallery. Or why not make a big circus book by putting all your pages together? You can also share them with friends or family, and maybe even have a coloring contest to see who can create the most dazzling circus scene. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!